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I sat at Punalu'u for a while. The temperature was perfect. There was a slight welcoming breeze. The cool sand between the fingers. The sound of gentle waves hugging the shore, a comfortable scent. All senses with the exception of taste were being spoiled.

Young Earth, Ancient Sky

Palm Way

I followed the flow of the crowd and there it was, the huge hole in the ground from which the warm red glow of the lava bed just below eminated. [...] You could only feel so small by staring at this incredible combined view of the powers of both, Earth and sky, knowing we all are at their mercy.

Majestic Mauna Kea

Hawai'i Nights

At last, I requested from life a moment of contemplation next to the love of my life. Only one more night and we'd be on our way home. It was the perfect time for musing, reflecting, dreaming and romance. Romance in Hawai'i, at night at a dreamy beach? Well, of course! What can be more romantic than lying back on the sand and gaze at the stars together?

Black Beach, Night Colors

Road to volcano

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